Axial-flow fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing-profile blades. Fibreglass roof. Base for securing to the roof.

Axial-flow fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing-profile blades.
Fibreglass roof. Base for securing to the roof.
Air flow
V = 7.000÷36.000 m3/h
Pt = 6÷40 kg/m2

Use: the exhaust axial towers are suitable for the suction of vitiated air flue gases and vapour from the environment.They are very useful during the summer season in those environments where air changes are necessary in order to keep the room ventilated.
They are also used for the aeration of workshops, founderies, cement factories, tanneries, joineries, and for chemical mechanical and metallurgical industries where big air volumes have to be sucked at low pressure.

Minimum working temperature - 20 °C, maximum + 60 °C.

Tower. The outside structures is of pressed steel sheet with double perforate flange for anchorage on the roof or at the end of a pipe, complete with bracket for placing the driving motor.
Diecast helical rotor in lighy alloy (spark-proof) with ring countour blades dynamically balanced, assembled caantilevered on the driving shaft. The rotor’s blade angle is adjustable when the fan is stopped for the types from 710 to 1000.
Rain shielding roof which can be disassembled, made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (polyester resin). The air direction is from the motor to the rotor, (it is always prossible to invert the airflow, i.e. from the rotor to the motor, by inverting the rotation of the motor, by disassembling the rotor and reassembling it overturned).
Special executions on request. Painting of the outside structure with acid and rust-proof paint. Spark-proof unit with explosion-proof motor.
Accessories on request. Anchorage base. Automatic opening shutters with the passing of the airflow.

ErP: these fans are covered by Directive 2009/125/EC. This law does not apply in the following cases:
- Operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
- Operation with high temperatures (fans designed with cooling fan)
- Operation with temperatures below -40°C
- Working in toxic, corrosive or abrasive enviroments (use of material such as AISI 304, AISI 316, manganese steels).
These series are axial fans and therefore expected Ntarget = 58 (Reg. UE N.327/2011).
ErP calculations take into account efficiency IE3 motors conforming to IEC 60034-30.

Air flow -m3/min
Inlet pressure -kg/m2
Outlet pressure -kg/m2
Engine installed -poles
Installed power KW
Rotation speed round/min
Limit speed round/min
Fluid type
Inlet flange mm
Outlet flange xmm
Weight without engine Kg
GD2 Kgm2

General notes: